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[ft-l] Hiking proposed trail in Ocala (long)

Maybe the NPS has changed its policy since the ones we saw were in Rocky
Mountain NP, but this may be something the local top dog ranger decides. I
don't think a couple of tiny, 6 penny nails are going to injure a tree but
I'm not an expert on trees by any means.

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> We tried aluminum blazes painted orange in Big Cypress in the early 1980's
> in a small test area.  They are still there.  Whenever there is a fire,
> can still tell where the trail goes and repaint the strips.  The reason
> that we stopped was because we were nailing them into trees.  The Park
> Service asked us not to and we stopped.  But on posts, this would be
> good.  The hardest part is getting the posts out on the trail.