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[ft-l] Hiking proposed trail in Ocala (long)

as a member of the four-man crew who flagged that   new trail, let me add, 
that if you think it is hard to walk now...you should have been there when we 
marked it!  national scenic trail it might one day be, but it started out, 
'real florida'.  that includes thorn thickets and oak scrub walls so thick we 
used dick's chain saw on a pole to cut a corridor through. poison ivy so big 
the other crew members, (not from around here), thought it must have been 
some kind of tree.  ha!  mosquitoes so thick i'm still coughing them up.  we 
used so much chigger/tick repellant that i haven't been bothered by them 
since.  that was in april & may. and guess what?  I LOVED IT! 
btw: we noticed that much of our flagging had been taken down before we ever 
completed our work.  that will always be a problem.