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[ft-l] Hiking proposed trail in Ocala (long)

You guys did a wonderful job.  We were amazed at how you got through some
places at all.  And we really didn't have too much trouble.  A few flags
were obviously missing, either through decomposition or wind/rain.  We found
bits and pieces on the ground so were able to follow them as well.  In only
a few areas were they totally missing and those were short.  Not much is
left of your cutting however.  With the renewed rain, nature is taking back
it's own.  Without the flagging, we never would have found the "trail".

Walking through there really made me appreciate all the hard work it takes
to build trail.  And I think it will be a beautiful section of trail when
completed.  I loved every minute of it, too.


> as a member of the four-man crew who flagged that new trail, let me add,
> that if you think it is hard to walk now...you should have been there when
> marked it!  national scenic trail it might one day be, but it started out,
> 'real florida'.