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RE: [pct-l] Trail Nazis?

It would seem to me that if a person is going to use a quote to illustrate
his/her point, as in using the quote from Steve Thompson, the person using
the quote would be able to comprehend what he/she is reading.  Steve
Thompson stated that he doesn't have time to test bear-proof storage
containers (which the maker should do anyway).  He doesn't refuse to do
something that should be done by someone else, he just doesn't have the
time.  Secondly, nowhere within the text of the quote does it demonstrate
that Steve Thompson has knowledge of bear-proof storage containers of better
design than Garcia.  When a person reads something like this, and sees
"better mousetraps", it is widely accepted by average readers that the part
in quotations is too be read as somewhat of a sarcasm.  Please get your self
together and be quite sure of what you are talking about before you
disparage someone and call them a Nazi.

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At 08:48 AM 5/17/1998 -0700, BJ wrote:
>  Think! please: if an advertised canister is so much "better", why
>hasn't it been tested - or even submitted for testing?

Because the NPS says it is too busy with other things to test competitive

"Use of the Garcia canister in Yosemite is burgeoning, which I heartily
welcome.  It has, however, resulted in a rapid increase in the number of
people coming to me with their "better mousetrap" designs.  Because of the
numerous other wildlife management demands on me and my staff (one person),
I will no longer evaluate, test, and approve the designs.  From here on, it
will be the responsibility of the inventor to provide documented proof of
the canister design's effectiveness, obtained through field use OUTSIDE of
Yosemite, or in a zoo. "  Steve Thompson, manager of the bear can program
at YNP

In other words, now that the NPS has a poor solution, it will cease the
search for anything better.  This is BS.  And anyone who tolerates/supports
it is a Nazi in my book.  In a free country, our government does not do all
the work for Garcia and then leave the hikers at Garcia's mercy.

Steve himself admits there are better mousetraps, but refuses to test them.
 I'll bet Garcia is delighted with that turn of events.

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