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[pct-l] PCT-L Admin note

We has some spammer use the web interface to post spam to the list, which
was bad, but that must be done manually, so it is much harder for the
spammer to do. 

What was REALLY bad was that two of the list members didn't read the header
that said:

> ** This message was posted to PCT-L from the AT-L/PCT-L/IAT-L website
> ** by our guest ERIC <HOLLEYE@HOTMAIL.COM>
> ** Please use the address <HOLLEYE@HOTMAIL.COM> to reply to the sender.

And then quoted the whole post back to the list. The amusing thing is that
the comment:

>>this is an illeagal chain letter, and i am notifying the proper
authorities. i
am an employee of the u.s. postal service. <<

wont even be read by the spammer for 2 reasons:
1. He is not on the list, so the post won't go to <HOLLEYE@HOTMAIL.COM>
2> <HOLLEYE@HOTMAIL.COM> is almos certainly a forged address

Please don't reply to the list to complain when spammer work their way
around the security. I'd really prefer to delete the spam once, not several

Thank you
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