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Re: [pct-l] JMT permits

It isn't the regulation that is important, it is our responsibility 
to not endanger bears.  In high-use areas of the Sierra, bears just 
"saw" off the tree limb, making bearboxes and Garcias "by default" 
the only tested way for us to visit the bear's home without 
endangering them.  (Would you want someone visiting your home with a 
bomb that was not _for sure_ safe?)  The Jardine-attitude that it is 
OK for an "elite few" is not ethical for us to take.  

I was appalled by BJ's news that the (aluminum) Bear Can brochure 
included with my JMT permit advertises an untested product.  (BTW, 
it is still advertised at www.sierrawilderness.com/store.html#bear)  
This product, and others including Dave's, can be tested (a ranger 
letter is not a test), just not in Yosemite with our tax $.  Until 
then, I'd like to ask that Dave take his product off the market, on 
this list and elsewhere.

Bill, who plans to carry *3* Garcias (ugh) for a 19-day stretch 
between resupplies

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