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Re: [pct-l] Trail Nazis?

Let's get our terms right.  A Nazi is the abbreviated term for the
Nationalist Socialist Party, a political faction, founded in the 1930's in
postwar, heavily depressed Germany.  The ineffective Weimar Republic had
done such an ineffective job of controlling inflation, that people were
burning 1,000,000 mark notes for warmth.  With the strong nationalist
stance and the promise to reestablish Germany as one of the world's elite
nations, the Nationalist Socialist Party quickly gathered popularity among
those reduced to poverty in Germany.  

Gaining more and more popularity against the Communists and other factions
vying to unseat the Wiemar government, the Nationalist Socialist Party
began to take a more militaristic stance, threatening to capture the
Reichstag by force if necessary.  During the 1930's, Nazi power was
dominating German government.  Adolf Hitler arose to the title of
Chancellor, and eventually unseated or removed all other government
officials in his way, creating a depsotic system of government, run by
Hitler himself along with a handful of chosen miliaristic minded ministers.
 As his power became unquestioned, Hitler began using his military faction
popularly called the brown-shirts to round up Jews, homosexuals, and other
"inferior classes" of people to quarantine in work camps spread across
Germany.  These work camps became places of experimentation on humans,
inhumane work conditions, and eventual extermination of the majority of
inhabitants.  Starvation, rape by German guards, disease such as typhoid
and dysentary, were common amongst those moved to German work camps.

In the meantime, Hitler began ignoring all of the conditions placed on
Germany by the Treaty of Versailles following the end of the Great War. 
Hitler swiftly reclaimed the demilitarized Rhineland west of the Rhine
River, annexed Austria and Czecholslavakia, and mobilized the most powerful
military force on the European continent.  Forming an alliance with the
Soviet Union, Italy, and Japan, the nations plotted to conquer Europe,
Asia, and Africa.  On September 1, 1939, Hitler made his first military
invasion into Poland, followed by other swift moves into France, the
lowlands of Belgium, Denmark, and the Netherlands, Greece, and the
Scandanavian powers.  Other thrusts were made into northern Africa.  His
most risky moves were the invasion of the English Isles, and the breaking
of alliances with the Soviet Union, invading in June 1941.

As we all know, Hitler and the Axis were defeated and their empire
dismantled.  The cost of his empire was the most devastating conflict on
this planet, the extermination of almost an entire generation of European
Jews, the incalcuable damage to property, the untold number of shattered
families and lives; the destruction of Europe.

To anyone who on this list wishes to term anyone a Nazi is to associate
with that person a maniacal apparence, dominated by power and the scent of
blood, a person that feels racial superiority to every other group around
him.  The connotation used with the word is quite severe, and I would guess
very offensive to those to which the term is applied.  I would invite
anyone on this list to come up with a less severe term for someone who
abides by the regualtions set forth by the US Department of Interior and
the National Forest Service in protecting our outdoors.  This word seems to
be way to haphazardly used on this list to me.  

Furthermore, I am not only shocked by the use of this word, but more amazed
by the ignorance of its use.  The apparent goal is to try and get people in
your camp, and not alienate them.  I can't in my mind see how this strategy
would aid in that function.  I invite everyone to please think about this
term carefully before its use.

Thanks for listening, sorry that I felt it was necessary to say it.

-Bald Eagle GA->ME '95
Andy Somers
São Paulo, Brasil


> In other words, now that the NPS has a poor solution, it will cease the
> search for anything better.  This is BS.  And anyone who
> it is a Nazi in my book.  In a free country, our government does not do
> the work for Garcia and then leave the hikers at Garcia's mercy.  
> Steve himself admits there are better mousetraps, but refuses to test
>  I'll bet Garcia is delighted with that turn of events.
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