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Re: [pct-l] JMT permits

 "Bill Kristy" writes
>Bill, who plans to carry *3* Garcias (ugh) for a 19-day stretch 
>between resupplies

   Jeez, Bill, that's horrible! What stretch is that?! My hat's off to
you - that's a lot of weight (sorry, I didn't mean to rub it in -
snicker) Can't you just use bear boxes or something?
   Hang on to my e-mail address, BTW. After reading the tirade on the
"conspiracy theory" of FS regulations, I received this:

>If the tone and temper of your list posts does not become friendly, you
>will be permanently removed from the list.
>-Brick Robbins
>PCT List Admin

  Wow!  Nobody's ever accused me of "unfriendliness" before - but then
I'm not used to being called a nazi (by both Dave & Brick) for standing
up for Good Backcountry Citizenship, either..When I read the stuff about
satanic FS policies, ways to beat citations, ads for homemade bear
canisters, etc, I sometimes feel I just have to present the other side
(dirty job, but somebody's gotta etc)  Two opposing views make an
"argument" it's true, and the name-calling on one side/ my "goody-goody"
attitude on the other hardly makes entertaining reading, that's for sure.
In my defense: if anybody's bothered to save any of the "unfriendly"
stuff, I'd hope they'd notice I've never initiated an inflammatory topic,
nor made more than 1-2 posts on any thread. I've never "flamed" anyone on
this list or elsewhere, and it never crossed my mind that
environmental-regulation compliance was an unpopular stance - on this
group of all places.
    Well...   anybody want to be PCT e-mail pen-pals?      bj 

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