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Re: [pct-l] Mums & Dads

I was with Laura and Leslie when we got to the junction to Mt.
Thielsen.  We hid our packs, hiked up, and the last 80 foot, we
stopped.  The face was near vertical and although, I know we could have
made it to the top, I don't know we could have come back down safely. 
That was the turning point.  So, we took some pictures and hiked back
down, used up all our water, last reliable nearby water source was back
at Crater Lake about 24 miles back, hiked the last two miles towards
Thielsen Creek.  Good day overall.  The next day, we summitted Tipsoo
Peak, easier and although it looked far, it only took about 20 minutes
to get to the top.  The view is just as great!  After I reached Canada,
I heard from other hikers about the accident.

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