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[pct-l] Mums & Dads

I think one reason people can have a problem with you hiking, is the great
fear of the unknown.  To some people (many who I work with), the thought of
doing anything out of the norm is taboo.  "You ride your bike to work?,
aren't you afraid of cars?"

The same thing is with the woods.  My parents were supportive of what I did.
My Dad knew I could handle myself in the woods fine, cause he basically
molded me.  My mom isn't a wilderness person, but she probably read in Good
Housekeeping that it was good to support your kids.  (Just a joke, though I
did have many casseroles as a kid...)  They usually liked me too call them
every resupply, or every other resupply.  They know I'm going to do whatever
I feel like at the moment.  Like the time I got my heart badly crushed in
1995 and was unemployed also.  I hitchhiked from Sun Valley, Idaho to San
Franscico, then all around California.  Aimlessly drifiting.  I still called
them once in awhile.  They were nervous, but I guess they felt it was better
than putting up with my moody self at their house.  :)

Something about having a cell phone or transmitter radio just wouldn't sit
to well with me.  When I was puking and pooping liquid everywhere 30 miles
east of Castella, I didn't have a radio.  I kept on going.  There is the
saftey factor, but I don't know.  Had I gone up Mt. Thielsen in OR instead
of taking a nap, that would have been a different story.  (A girl fell to
her death on Mt. Thielsen, right after I had just passed the turnoff trail
to the summit.  Freaked the hell out of me)



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