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[pct-l] Ticks & Snow

     I hiked the PCT recently in the San Bernardino mtns (section C) and 
     the San Gabriel mtns (section D).  I got hundreds of ticks on my 
     lower half of my body some times in one day of hiking.  The worst 
     area was at the beginning of section D (section D1).  I have found 
     out that "off tick spray" works well to keep them off.  Also there 
     are a lot of trees down in sections C9 thru C11 between Big Bear 
     lake & Lake Arrowhead & in section D3 from Gobblers knob to Blue 
     Ridge.  Also in sections D3 & D4(between blue ridge and mtn high 
     ski lift areas) there are 3 foot snow banks on the trail in a lot 
     places, some are at a 70 degree angle.  But if we don't get anymore 
     snow, by the time you get to these sections they should be okay.  
     The only section that still might have snow is section D5 near Mt. 
     Baden-Powell.  Hope this helps the thru hikers. - Matthew
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