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Re: [pct-l] Breakfast

hey, pop tarts/fig bars/bagels & cheese/granola bars/cliff bars/etc work for
the quick get up and go, then stop later and whip up your favorite cereal
(cold) with that wonderful powdered milk.

Quaker 100% natural has excellent texture and is relatively healthy despite a
bit too high sugar count. It can be heavy too, but I've headed out on trips
with about 2 pounds of it and just snacked on it, also.  Safeway has come out
with some generic alternatives which will hold up well in a pack,too. Some
types of gorp are better than others with milk, so don't be afraid to throw
in something new.
if you have the fuel and the time, instant cream of wheat works great and
about 3 packets work for me, with gorp thrown in for more texture. The new
kids flavors really liven things up, as sugary as they are. yum. Wheaties
don't cut it for me but I think it was craig giffen who said he had a serious
aching for lucky charms and finally came across some at a town and just ate
the boxfull straight in one sitting!

As odd as it may sound, it it's cold in the mountains, wolf down some
pringles and soak up that fat!! mmm.

If only we had access to Ben and Jerry's on the trail,...

Eating healthy as always,

oh, one last thing, No Bake Cheesecake, about 2400 calories and very tasty!

BTW I've been eating double meals the last few weeks and have gained 6
pounds, up to 149. It's nice to binge on things we won't have access to out
there. I figure realisticly I'll be down to 128 or less by mid sierras. ugh.
guess my trail name will  be Twiggy,...
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