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[pct-l] Current snow conditions

Class of '97
I was able to get into Edison Lake over the weekend but had a bit of
trouble getting out due to the warm temperature. The snow on Kaiser Pass
9180' was at 9' and melting. Edison Lake 7700' was about 30" with the
lake still frozen. Saturday afternoon we heard several loud cracks and
gun shot type sounds later to find 4-5 cracks in the lake that went the
full distance. 
Snow surveys were made public yesterday and the State of California is
at 91% of normal for this point. Northern Sierra being about 80%,
Central Sierra 103% and Southern Sierra's at 120%. We have a lot less
snow than last year. It is melting at a much faster rate due to the 10 -
15 degrees above normal for the last 8 weeks and not much change in the
forecast. For more on the snow conditions check with "Doug Collins,
Meteorologist"  http://www.wx4cast.com/   Good luck class of 1997. If we
can be of any help along the way, let us know.  We look forward to your
visit at the VVR.
Butch & Peggy Wiggs
Vermilion Valley Resort
Edison Lake, CA
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