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[pct-l] Lightweight Section Hike Questions

In preparation for a five-day trip to the Goat Rocks section of the PCT,
I've going as light as I can (new pack, new tent, new stove, new shoes,
etc.). I still have a few questions about what else to take:

Is there a consensus on camp shoes? With my 805s do I really need them? I'd
like to take my Teva sandals, but they weigh about 24 oz. Is there an

I'm still a traditionalist about food. Should I forget about gorp and just
take some variant of a Powerbar? Will I regret it if I take a fresh apple or

What do lightweight backpackers use to carry margarine, peanut butter, etc.
Are the plastic tubes the lightest way to go or is there an alternative?

If I run into the Class of 2002, I will report on their status when I get


Tom Griffin
Seattle, WA
PCT '95--Harts Pass to Canada <http://staff.washington.edu/griffin/pct.html>