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[pct-l] Walking on lava trails...

I remember walking from MacKenzie Pass north through the Lava fields.  I ate
lunch in next to the parking lot under a small tree on the north side of the
highway.  Logy and hot, I began the trek across the lava.

The trail was fine - not a problem for my New Balance shoes.  But the
monochromatic brown/gray/black (what does he mean???) radiating heat got to
me.  It was over 80 degrees in the shade, and by the time I got around
Belknap Crater, I was woozy and slightly disoriented.  No cooling breeze,
just a hot, dry desertlike movement of air sucked all the moisture out of

I thought it fun, and a different kind of challenge after the long flat
sections of southern oregon and then the up and down of the Sisters.  I was
glad to see the little spring coming from a box/pipe as I drank all my

Jeff Olson
Laramie Wyoming...