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[pct-l] Lightweight Section Hike Questions

I spent a week on the CDT in northern colorado and southern Wyoming and for
the third time didn't take a stove.  8oz of granola and raisins and 4% fat
dehydrated milk for breakfast, five power/balance/luna bars for snacks every
hour and a half, 8oz of mms and cashews for lunch, and 3oz of romano and
four pieces of bread for dinner.  About 2lbs a day, and I didn't finish the
mms and cashews each day.  More than a week of this would drive me crazy

I also just finished a hike in the Weminuche Wilderness on the CDT  10
days - and the 805s are all you need.  My hiking partners had thongs, but I
never felt the need for them.  They also carried a jar of peanut butter they
shared - no transfer, just the plastic jar.

Also, when you get to the intersection of the PCT and Snowgrass flat trail,
hike up toward the crest and find a bench to camp on that has a view of both
Adams and Rainier.  There are lots of springs up there (if not snow) for
water.  And the view is tremendous.  And no one else seems to go up there,
only a quarter mile off the PCT.  Don't camp near the trail with the fearful

Have fun!!!

Jeff Olson
Laramie Wyoming

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> In preparation for a five-day trip to the Goat Rocks section of the PCT,
> I've going as light as I can (new pack, new tent, new stove, new shoes,
> etc.). I still have a few questions about what else to take:
> Is there a consensus on camp shoes? With my 805s do I really need them?
> like to take my Teva sandals, but they weigh about 24 oz. Is there an
> alternative?
> I'm still a traditionalist about food. Should I forget about gorp and just
> take some variant of a Powerbar? Will I regret it if I take a fresh apple
> two?
> What do lightweight backpackers use to carry margarine, peanut butter,
> Are the plastic tubes the lightest way to go or is there an alternative?
> If I run into the Class of 2002, I will report on their status when I get
> back.
> Tom
> Tom Griffin
> Seattle, WA
> griffin@u.washington.edu
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