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[pct-l] Lightweight Section Hike Questions

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Camp shoes is one thing my husband isn't carrying.  He wears 805s. and hasn't felt the need for slippers or sandals.

He carries the small size peanut butter in its original plastic jar, I'd probably wrap some up in Saran Wrap or a zip lock, but being highly allergic.....

If you run into LightsOutLarry, my husband, give him a hug from me.


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In preparation for a five-day trip to the Goat Rocks section of the PCT,
I've going as light as I can (new pack, new tent, new stove, new shoes,
etc.). I still have a few questions about what else to take:

Is there a consensus on camp shoes? With my 805s do I really need them? I'd
like to take my Teva sandals, but they weigh about 24 oz. Is there an

I'm still a traditionalist about food. Should I forget about gorp and just
take some variant of a Powerbar? Will I regret it if I take a fresh apple or

What do lightweight backpackers use to carry margarine, peanut butter, etc.
Are the plastic tubes the lightest way to go or is there an alternative?

If I run into the Class of 2002, I will report on their status when I get


Tom Griffin
Seattle, WA
PCT '95--Harts Pass to Canada <http://staff.washington.edu/griffin/pct.html>

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