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[pct-l] my favorite pack

Speaking of packs we do, or do not, like, I'll throw in my 2 cents
worth. I have fibromyalgia, am (I am embarrassed to say) at the moment
40 pds over weight, 52 1/2 yr.. old, suffering also w/a terribly
sprained knee that's not healed yet, and just spent 3 days and 30 miles
with a 40 pd. load on the PCT in Section Q. My pack: way too heavy but
totally wonderful and carried my load perfectly: Dana Design Glacier,
5500 cu. in., pds. 12 oz..  I love it and though I need new and better
boots due to my feet hurting like ----, my pack felt great and gave me
no trouble (came off trail 3 days early is why such a heavy load). 
Anyway guys and gals, there you have it. My favorite pack, Dana Design

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