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[pct-l] hikers in small towns

In ref. to hikers not being well re'cd. in small towns, I agree w/Greg
"Strider".  I think one of the problems is they don't know who you are
our why you are there. An easily seen PCT, PCTA patch might help. The
problem with the small towns is, they are small. The know when someone
new is there and get concerned when trying to figure out whether they
are looking at a transient w/possibly a police record, or, a friendly
hiker. So, flash that PCT sign ASAP and hope for the best.  In the
bigger towns/cities they don't care of you are because they do not know
the people in their "community".

I am one of those who live in a very small town and area. Siskiyou Co.
which is Sections P, Q and part of R till you get to the OR border. We
don't mean to be obnoxious, just protective of those we know.  Put on a
big, friendly smile, shake hands and immediately explain who you are and
what you are doing. Hopefully your reception will be more polite.  Can't

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