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Re: [pct-l] hikers in small towns

>  I am one of those who live in a very small town and area. Siskiyou Co.
>  which is Sections P, Q and part of R till you get to the OR border. We
>  don't mean to be obnoxious, just protective of those we know.  Put on a
>  big, friendly smile, shake hands and immediately explain who you are and
>  what you are doing. Hopefully your reception will be more polite.  Can't
>  hurt.
>  JoAnn i dont want to small town bash , ive hitchiked around,and ive
gotten more help and friendlyness in small towns than in all the big citys
combined,but ive gotten harrassed more too.a low crime rate=bored cops. more
times than not there friendly and want to help,then there are the others who
just want to move you along because they think you are up to no good,more
than once ive been detained for hours on `suspicion',or had the contents of
my pack emptied on the side of the road,these are the places i want to
avoid. your suggestion on a p.c.t. patch is a good one,when i hitch to a
trailhead up here in washington i always try to make my wilderness permit
,and hiking boots  very visable. rob

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