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[pct-l] Hobbit's Back

Hi friends,

Just a quick post to let you know I finished my 2000 PCT hike from Campo
to the Trinity Alps as planned at Scott Mountain Summit in Section P on
August 31.  I was in excellent shape and fine spirits throughout, but
must admit, it was a long walk:  100 hiking days, 1400 miles (I skipped
the Mojave from Agua Dulce to Walker Pass because of the late June
temps), several side trips, and many many fine hikers, trail angels, and
other folks along the way.  My admiration goes out to all the thru
hikers who have already finished or are well up into Oregon and
Washington, and my gratitude to all the trail angels who enriched this
experience for me and so many other hikers.

I plan to record my memoirs from this summer in my web site over the
winter, but haven't started yet.  I'll post an announcement to the pct-l
when I upload the first installment.

So as I sit at my desk in Poulsbo, Washington, watching the sea birds
and an occasional small craft passing by, I am supremely grateful to
have had the opportunity and capability to hike the hike, and I'm
already planning next year's adventure.  Looking forward to actively
participating in the pct email list again as well.

Tom Rogers -- Hobbit
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