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[ft-l] Hike in GA

Well, I'm all signed up for the HATT hike and now everyone but me has pulled
out of "my" section, including the original team leader :-(  The section is
Neels Gap to Springer Mtn on the AT and I'm still going.  I can hear the GA
mountains calling me :-)  I'll do it solo if I have to, that's not a big
deal, but some company would be nice.  If anyone is interested in coming
along, give me a cyber call.  It's Friday noon through Monday noon of Labor
Day weekend, I'll prbably drive up on Thursday.  Will be sharing a cabin at
Goose Creek with the 2 guys headed north from Neels Gap.  It's a pretty
rough section, lots of ups and down and ups and downs, but will only be
doing about 10-miles per day.


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