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Re: [ft-l] Got chiggers?

To avoid chiggers, we put sulfur flakes in a sock and pound the sock around
the bottoms of pants, on socks and shoes and around the waste.  This seems
to keep them at bay, but it washes and rubs off so you probably will put it
on twice if you are out all day.  Sulfur flakes are available over the
counter at drug stores for a couple of box for a bottle.  It makes your
close stink, but the smell washes out and you don't have a bunch of chigger
bites.  I also cover bites with clear finger nail polish which acts as an
astringent sealing them up so they don't itch as much so they can better
heal.  I know the toluene in the polish is probably worse than the bite,
but it does help some (no pain no gain).

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Well, here's the flip side question for you....how do YOU avoid chiggers?

Besides NOT HIKING, of course. That's not a valid answer. <G> Went hiking
again this weekend, dosed my socks and boots heavily with Off, and yet
got a mess of chiggers again. Any home remedies out there anyone can
recommend as a preventative? Give me enough ideas, and I'll put together an

article for the Footprint on it.... :)

Cheers, Sandy  (Navigator)
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