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[CDT-L] Lets Keep THIS List Pure

After seeing some of the other posts on the at-l, atml, pct-l I pray that this list will never reach the lows that I have seen on the others.  LET US ALL AGREE THAT WE MAY DISAGREE.  Just because we disagree does not mean we have to reach new lows and call each other names or worse.  Lets keep this list as pure as possible!  Your viewpoint may never be as "right as mine" - but your viewpoint may be the most valid and change my viewpoint as not being the "right viewpoint".  But calling me names will not allow me (or others) to see that point of view!  Instead it only causes us to create sides WHERE NO SIDES SHOULD BE!
I pray that we can look forward to the overall intent of this list.  That is to share, in a reasonable manner, our individual viewpoints!  There are no right or wrong views, just our personal interests.  Let us respect those individual interests and the overall intent and above the OVERALL INTENT OF THIS LIST.
I've crossed the Continental Divide at several locations.  I have never even seen a sign or a marker or any other sign of a Continental Divide Trail.  And I knew there was a "National Scenic Trail" called the Continental Divide Trail - someday I hope and pray it will exist as the Appalachian Trail and Pacific Crest Trail exists.
I can't offer any suggestions on the CDT,  and it has been too long since I've been on the AT or PCT to even offer valid suggestions on those trails.  But that doesn't lessen my interest in seeing this trail completed.  I can't say it should be here or there (actual location).  I can only pray that they (whoever they may be - and I hope to some small degree that they will include us, or at least those of us who are knowable enough to contribute) will decide on the best location.  I've never stepped foot on the CDT.  I know of nothing to contribute to the construction of this trail.  But after reading "Where the Waters Divide" by Karen Berger and Daniel R. Smith I can see that there are major problems to be overcome before this is a viable trail.  Most of this rests with the permit system in the National Parks, the ranchers general distrust of the U.S. Government (and I can share their concern for I myself think our government has intruded too much and too little in our lives - oh where can we draw the line?????).  Which leads back to the original intent of this e-mail - Let us agree to disagree but work toward the overall intent without causing a civil war in between.  Just because I may not agree with you does not give me the right to call you names or generally insult you in any manner or vice-versa.
Thanks to Earl, Ryan and to Milt and all of the others unknown to me, for seeing this list as a possibility and now a reality.  May we work in PEACE FOR THE OVERALL INTENT RATHER THAN OUR small individual views!   
To all who have made this possible, to all the members, I offer a prayer of fellowship and friendship that may last the ages or until the winds, waters, etc. have erased all mountains from the face of the earth, whichever may be first.  FOR ONLY THE ROCKS LIVE FOREVER.
And a special thanks to Milt Webb who has given me the heart to continue hiking - GOD BLESS!!!
Doug Banks
AT '78 - '79 and finally completed '81
PCT- Mexican Border to (3 miles shy) I-80 (someday hopefull will complete)
CDT - (can I pray that someday?)
OTHERS (God grant me that long of a life - I've pushed even wishing the PCT)
Marietta, GA