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hi earl, everyone,

now that milt (hi milt) has got us up and running so earl can get some work
done, are 'we' at all sanctioned by ryan and his national scenic trails
page and lists?  i think we should be.  what ryan has started could turn
out to be a great resource for all the NSTs, if they are all together (it
already is a great resource).

i know someone was putting up a web page for this list.  can we get that
info transferred to ryan's page, or an 'official link' to the new page from
ryan's?  (oh, i haven't yet been to the page, but whereever in the ether it
is located, it's a good idea to have one).

anyway, i'm often disheartened by the haphazardness of the web, and would
like to see resources such as these (at-l, pct-l, cdt-l, iat-l, future
nct-l, adt-l and ft-l, wait is this last one an NST?) in one place, or at
least joined at the hip.  granted, my only contribution so far is to raise
the issue  :), so thanks to those who have gotten this up and running in
the first place.

just my opinion, by strongly held nonetheless...

ke kaahawe   AT92 TYT94 PCTsoon
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