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[CDT-L] Introduction to the list

Hi CDTers,

I've been lurking on this list for a few days now, so testing out Milt's new
list server is a good opportunity for me to introduce myself to the list.
(Thanks Milt!)

My name is Brian Robinson.  Hiking the CDT is still just a "someday" dream
for me; but not too long ago, so was hiking the PCT, which I did in '97.   I
learned a tremendous amount on that trip, which I gladly share with
newcomers on the PCT list.  On this list, I suspect I'll be a little more

In my few days on this list, I picked up a pointer to the CDTA web page,
which is great.  For those who haven't found it yet, it's at
http://cdtrail.org/  It mentions that there is a guidebook for the Colorado
section, but the New Mexico, Wyoming, and Montana/Idaho editions are not out
yet.  Anybody know when (if?) they will be published?  Are these the
equivalent of the 2-Volume PCT guidebook?  IE Do they have strip maps of all
the existing trails and "recommended routes" for the unfinished sections?
What quivalent information is available today?  A BIG pile of USGS maps?

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