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[CDT-L] Re: Trespass on the CDT

Ms Helbling:

I wasn't going to write because this incident happened so long ago, but it's 
been bothering me. We first heard about it while we were hiking the Pacific 
Crest Trail this summer.  It irritated me then - and it still does.

I believe you've previously heard from both the CDT organizations regarding 
the trespass on your property.  Well, we're not an organization - my wife 
and I are just a couple who hiked the CDT in 1999.  We passed - and stopped 
at your property in November 1999.  We spent some time trying to find 
someone to ask about obtaining water from the stock tank, but found no one 
there except your very beautiful - and very curious - horses.  We did take 
some water from the faucet outside your house, but we DID NOT - and would 
not under any circumstances enter your house.  We understand very well the 
sense of loss and outrage when ones privacy is invaded like that.

All that being said, I would like to apologize for the rudeness and 
inconsiderate behavior (not to mention illegal actions) of a hiker who 
presumably should have known better.  We have met most of the 2000 CDT 
hikers and Glen E. was not among those who finished the trail this  year, 
nor do I know him from any other context.  Nor do I want to.

I have spent the last 6 years trying to educate long distance hikers about 
the effect that their actions have on the communities they pass through and 
the consequences of those actions for the generations of hikers who follow 
them.  It angers me when hikers display the kind of ignorance and 
inconsideration that are apparent in this instance.

I believe you realize that very few CDT hikers are as thoughtless and 
inconsiderate as those involved in this incident.

I hope your year has gotten better and that you have a happy holiday.

Walk softly,
Jim & Ginny Owen
Spirit Eagle, AT-92, CDT-99, PCT-00

>E-Mail Name: Monika A. Helbling Email Address: rabbitbrushranch@yahoo.com 
>message: May 16, 2000
>Dear CDTA,
>Our ranch lies directly on the CDT, 6 and one half mile south of Pie >Town, 
>NM. Please allow us to inform you of the following incidents:
>Today we returned home, after being absent for two days, and found the 
> >following note on our livingroom table:
>"Hi, Sorry to tresspass, just needed some water really bad. Hope you don't 
>mind. (Tried knocking, no one was home). Thank you. Glen E. (CDT Hiker)
>Well, let me tell you, WE DO MIND. For years we have supported CDT
>hikers, but this season started out bad and seems to continue this
>A few weeks ago, two men who claimed to be from your association
>met, by coincidence, at the ranch entrance with the ranch foreman. They 
>explained that they were mapping the water sources for the CDT. The
>foreman stated that the owner (that's me) was absent and that they had to 
>come by later since they wanted to discuss permission of getting water, 
>etc. - Nobody stopped by after that, but my friend who owns the >cafe in 
>Pie Town told me that two men had stopped by and discussed the >ranch 
>"which has a sign hanging on the pipe gate saying horses are >dangerous"... 
>- The sign these two ignorant individuals read
>has to be posted by NM law for the protection of any equine operation, >and 
>quotes the NM Equine Liability Law. Stupid comments and rude invasion of a 
>home is what will make your association unpopular. There >is a plainly 
>visible windmill with a livestock tank within a few >hundred feet from the 
>road, additionally there is a frostfree faucet >right next to the house 
>-the water is all one and the same. These two >water sources should be 
>sufficient without hikers having to enter a >private home.
>As I stated above, we have helped hikers out for many years, and I am >pro 
>hiking (I grew up mountaineering in the Swiss Alps!) but I think >you need 
>to remind your members that hiking the CDT does not give them >the 
>privilege to trespass into private homes, and you should also >instruct 
>your staff as to State Laws. It is rude and ignorant people >who force us 
>to change our attitude which has been nothing but >hospitable to hikers in 
>the past.
>I am looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you
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