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[CDT-L] Re: Trespass on the CDT

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At 11:58 AM 5/24/00 -0400, CDNST@aol.com wrote:
>Does anyone on this list know anything about this incident? We have been
>trying hard to gain the support and involvement of local landowners along the
>Trail. Incidents like this will only make our job of gaining support for the
>Trail that much more difficult. Bruce Ward, CDTA
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>Begin form data --
>E-Mail Name: Monika A. Helbling
>Email Address: rabbitbrushranch@yahoo.com
>message: May 16, 2000<<<<<<Dear CDTA,<<<<<<Our ranch lies directly on the 
>CDT, 6 and one half mile south of Pie Town, NM. Please allow us to inform 
>you of the following incidents:<<<<<<Today we returned home, after being 
>absent for two days, and found the following note on our livingroom table: 
>"Hi, Sorry to tresspass, just needed some water really bad. Hope you don't 
>mind. (Tried knocking, no one was home). Thank you. Glen E. (CDT Hiker) 
>-<<<<<<Well, let me tell you, WE DO MIND. For years we have supported CDT 
>hikers, but this season started out bad and seems to continue this 
>way.<<<<<<A few weeks ago, two men who claimed to be from your association 
>met, by coincidence, at the ranch entrance with the ranch foreman. They 
>explained that they were mapping the water sources for the CDT. The 
>foreman stated that the owner (that's me) was absent and that they had to 
>come by later since they wanted to discuss permission of getting water, 
>etc. - Nobody stopped by after that, but my !
>  fr!
>iend who owns the cafe in Pie Town told me that two men had stopped by and 
>discussed the ranch "which has a sign hanging on the pipe gate saying 
>horses are dangerous"... - The sign these two ignorant individuals read 
>has to be posted by NM law for the protection of any equine operation, and 
>quotes the NM Equine Liability Law.<<<<<<Stupid comments and rude invasion 
>of a home is what will make your association unpopular. There is a plainly 
>visible windmill with a livestock tank within a few hundred feet from the 
>road, additionally there is a frostfree faucet right next to the house 
>-the water is all one and the same. These two water sources should be 
>sufficient without hikers having to enter a private home.<<<<<<As I stated 
>above, we have helped hikers out for many years, and I am pro hiking (I 
>grew up mountaineering in the Swiss Alps!) but I think you need to remind 
>your members that hiking the CDT does not give them the privilege to 
>trespass into private homes, and you shoul!
>  d !
>also instruct your staff as to State Laws. It is rude and i!
>gnorant people who force us to change our attitude which has been nothing 
>but hospitable to hikers in the past.<<<<<<I am looking forward to hearing 
>from you. Thank you.<<<<<<<<<<<<
>New Member Application:
>Volunteer Guide:
>Complimentary Newsletter:
>Corporate Sponsor:
>Street Address:
>Zip Code:
>Day Phone:
>Eve Phone:
>-- End form data

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