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Re: [CDT-L] Fw: Earthlights from Space Station

Karen -
Yeah, I think it's cool, too.  That's why I've spent 35+ years working in 
the Space program.  Your image was the Astronomy Picture of the Day for 27 
Nov 2000.  Here are a couple more sites - just in case you haven't found 
them.  The first is the Goddard Space Flight Center Astronomy Picture of the 


The Hubble Space Telescope site:


These are Earth Science sites - explore a little - I think it's worth the 




Another good place to explore:


Now - keep in mind that James has overlooked a couple things - first, no 
amount of energy that humans can produce can match that produced by the star 
we call "the Sun".  The combined energy output of all those pretty stars 
that we all like to see in the sky is beyond the imagination of any human.  
The "waste" that he refers to is utterly insignificant in cosmic terms.  I 
wonder how he feels about the amount of energy that the Sun blows off into 
space every day?  :-)

Secondly, he's obviously not a physicist.  My only comment here is - All the 
energy that we generate (by whatever means, for whatever purpose) - where 
does it go?  There IS a continuing - and completely natural - process for 
this.  :-)

Lastly - without the energy production capacity that we have developed - and 
will develop in the future - we can neither save the Earth nor go to the 
stars. Your aikido experience has probably exposed you to the concept that 
one either grows or dies, but life is never static.  The concept also 
applies to organizations - and societies.  'Cutting back' is never an answer 
- unless we want a return to the 'Dark Ages'.  The universe is not static - 
and humankind will either grow to reach the stars or the race will die.

Walk softly,

>From: "Karen Elder" <wild_mind@earthlink.net>
>To: <n5yyx@plateautel.net>, "CDT list" <cdt-l@backcountry.net>
>Subject: Re: [CDT-L] Fw: Earthlights from Space Station
>Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 09:36:58 -0700
>Not picking at or preaching to you, James, but 53.76% of e-mail is wasted 
>telling other people what they shouldn't do when the person writing is 
>that very thing. Hmmm... think of all that wasted energy that goes into
>running those computers (unless, perhaps, you have learned how to send 
>signals via e-mail?).
>Think of Al Gore and Ralph Nader jetting back and forth across the country
>in order to gain the high seat from which to tell the rest of us that our
>use of energy must reduced to save "mother earth".
>BTW, I'm not Christian; I don't celebrate Christmas.
>----- Original Message -----
>From: "James Lofton"
>Not to be picking at you.., but what is cool to some is a VERY disgusting
>sight to others. The lights you find so pretty is also BILLIONS of dollars
>of wasted electricty(30+% of all light is wasted on upward shining). Think
>of all the wasted fuel needed to generate that light, all the polution to
>the air, and damned rivers that we think we need...., when we then waste 
>Very sad to me. All those lights also rob people from being able to look up
>and see the REAL beauty of lights, the stars.
>..again, not picking at or preaching to you. I just think we sometime don't
>realize that some of that "beauty" has a very high price tag on our mother
>Merry Christmas all.

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