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[CDT-L] CDT Hiker

Dear Ms. Heibling --

I am distressed to hear about the thoughtless and unlawful behavior of a CDT 
hiker at your ranch.  Although I have no idea of the identity of Glen E.  --  
he is not listed in any of our records -- we cannot condone his violation of 
your privacy and sincerely apologize for his actions.  

I passed by your property on April 29 of this year during a visit to New 
Mexico.  I had intended to contact you and your neighbors regarding 
opportunities for hikers to obtain water as they passed, perhaps from the 
windmills visible from the road.  I regret that this unfortunate incident 
occurred, yet I hope that we may still be able to enjoy your hospitality in 
the future.

Incidentally, when I was in Pie Town I visited with Nita Larronde, an angel 
to CDT hikers who would be able to tell you more about the Continental Divide 
Trail Society [which is completely separate from the Alliance] and our 
interests and goals. I am sure she will give a good account of Trail users 
generally, despite this exceptional case.

Again, we completely understand and appreciate your feelings.  Although our 
next newsletter will not be published for several months, it will provide an 
opportunity for us to remind our members that trespass into private homes is 

Please let me know if you have any questions that I may be able to answer.


James R. Wolf, Director
Continental Divide Trail Society
3704 N. Charles St. (#601)
Baltimore MD 21218

(Jim Wolf, 410/235-9610, cdtsociety@aol.com)
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