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Re: [CDT-L] no more water

Tim - 
We've done more than "beat it to death" - 

Thank you - this is both the most - and the best - information that I
think any of us have seen about this subject.  It answers a lot of
questions - but not all of them.  I dont want to assume about this - so
I'll ask what I hope is the "last" question.  Will there be water out
there for the thruhikers this year? I think I know the answer but I'm not
willing to "assume" anything at this point.  

"Stupid" is a word that I rarely use anymore.  To quote Forrest Gump
(actually it was my grandmother who first told it to me) - Stupid is as
stupid does.  I try to keep in mind that as humans we all have the
affliction at one time or another.  The real trick is to figure out when
it's our turn.  :-)

That being said -  regardless of the merits of the trail you're building,
I appreciate the fact that you're out there actually "doing something". 
Too many hikers hike without giving anything back.  So - thank you for
your effort.  

Walk softly,

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