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[CDT-L] no more water

jim ...
  wish you wouldn't use words like "stupid", it's too easy to take out of 
context. now for the record [i should have been more explicit in my very 
first post on this subject!].
   chain of craters: when i first volunteered for this segment, i went over 
to see it [over a two hour drive one way] before "adopting" it.  the blm 
ranger in charge of this project is very knowledgeable and enthuastic, but 
not a thru-hiker. i consider myself to be somewhat so [appalachian trail, 
'94], and have hiked enough in new mexico since then to appreciate a need for 
reliable water sources at reasonable intervals.  before accepting this 
volunteer job, i determined [i.e. saw with my eyes] that local ranchers had 
established a water network throughout the blm lands west of cibola county 
route 42, which fed pumped well water to many large open plastic water tanks, 
with at least two of these being within 1/4 mile of the proposed trail, 
somewhat near the middle of this stretch.    considering the 7/24 
availability of water at the nps ranger station on-trail at the west end of 
the zuni-acoma, and at these stock tanks, there seems to be adequate water 
coverage between grants and the south end of the chain-of-craters [and back 
on new mexico 117], never more that 20 miles between sources. 
   i don't know if the blm, cdta, or whoever considered these water sources 
when proposing this route, but i did so when i considered helping to build 
and maintain it.  charlie macdonald and the new mexico mountain club, who 
built and maintain sections of the cdt on blm land from mount taylor to cuba, 
also took water sources into consideration before trail construction.   
please give us folks out here a little credit for basic intelligence, jim, we 
do live in a desert and deal with these kind of things daily
   of course you couldn't know any details about the chain-of-craters when 
you came through here, because again, it isn't finished, and won't be 
publicized until it is, complete, with signs to reliable water. 
   as my original post intended and stated: i STILL hold that both the 
zuni-acoma and chain-of-craters sections are two of the prettiest sections on 
this trail.  when finished, they will take the trail off-road.  they will 
have water.  they will give hikers a choice.  [and we still need volunteers 
to help do this!]
   it's nice to see activity on this list, but we've about beat this one to 
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