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Re: [CDT-L] CDT: Universal Permit

Dave said:
>Keep in mind too that GNP "strongly discourages early season attempts of
>CDT" in their literature. That said I heard from at least one of this
>thru-hikers who was granted an exception and allowed to camp anywhere he

>wanted under a special permit used for climbing parties. Perhaps this is
>temporary answer for future thru-hikers in GNP.

That's a possibility while thruhiker numbers are so small. Generally they
are only given if you go to an area where there are no established
campsites - like the Nyack Valley or one of the climbing areas. We were
able to get an undesignated permit when we went to an area that had no
campsites (up Red Eagle Creek) a couple of years ago.  This year's
thruhikers got the undesignated permit because none of the campsites
along the Highline trail were open. (One was burned over, the other
buried in snow.)  We were told we'd have to rent a bear cannister though,
to get an undesignated permit last year. We decided to do the Chief
Mountain route since we had already walked the Highline, and the
campsites were open, most of the way.  

Of course, the other problem comes when they close the trails entirely. 
We were forced out of the park because of a problem grizzly, and the CDT
was closed entirely for most of the summer from Reynolds Creek to Triple
Divide - makes it hard to walk through. 

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