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Re: [CDT-L] [cdt list] reply to jim and ginny

On Sun, 20 Feb 2000 09:53:41 EST KBerger466@aol.com writes:

> All I wanted to address was the issue 
> of water availability in a dry land, and the standard you seemed to 
> be proposing. (Permanent reliable year-round water at intervals that 
> can accommodate the average hiker). 

Yep - I'm not gonna argue about this, but that's precisely where you did
misunderstand - I didn't, and won't, consider the "average" backpacker in
relation to this section - even with water.  I think we both know that
99.9% of the trail use in this section - and a majority of New Mexico -
will be thruhikers.  This was a "high" year - there were 13 who finished.

I do not believe that standard is 
> feasible in most southwestern dryland landscapes. When I said it was 20
- 25 
> miles between water in a lot of places, my definition of water included

> muddy stock tanks, windmills with dead things (Whiteroot: Did you drink
the dead 
> raven water?), and seasonal sources. 

Second misunderstanding - there is no "standard" in this respect, nor was
I implying that there should be.  There's  only the reality that if a
trail is not used - then it isn't (or at least won't be) a trail,
regardless of any other consideration.  I've seen well watered trails
disappear like that.  Specifically - for this particular piece of New
Mexico, which is all I was ever talking about - there ARE "Permanent
reliable year-round water" sources on at least one route.  Whether Tim's
water sources will be available this year or not, I'll type my notes for
that section and put them on the list.  

> Re: the hiker grapevine and what 9 other thru-hikers did or didn't 
> too -- I see the "grapevine" as supporting sheep-like behavior.
> talks about what "everyone" is going to do, based on little or no

C'mon, Karen - do you really believe that "anyone" who hikes the CDT is
likely to be subject to sheep-like behavior?  There's a purpose in the
"grapevine" - information exchange on trail conditions.  The problem
you're talking about does happen - but only to those who don't have the
(whatever it takes) to set their own course, make up their own minds,
dance to their own music.  You don't find those people on the CDT - at
least not yet.  God willing - never.  We found the information exchange
helpful - but this isn't the PCT and Kennedy Meadows was their problem -
not mine.  .  

> Anyway, re: the PCT: I don't personally consider volunteers bringing 
> jugs of 
> water to Scissor's Crossing (or anywhere else) to be a reliable 
> source of 
> water. You wouldn't go out for a 30 mile dry stretch counting on 
> that water 
> to be at the end of it!  You'd have to have a more reliable back-up 
> plan. 

We don't - we won't.  

> Re: water in San Gorgonio Pass (PCT) -- there is a fountain coming 
> out of the 
> water pipes that drains Snow Creek at the base of the San Jacintos 
> on the 
> south side of the Pass.

Thanks - but do you realize that you just became part of the "grapevine"?

Walk softly,

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