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I was about a week behind Chris and Jennelle Bailey in 1998 going through
the Sierras and finished in Canada about 10 days behind them. The PCTA, in
my opinion, was wrongly preaching the flip-flop to everyone that inquired,
as a result there was a stampede to Canada.

My point is to take anything that someone has to say about this route or
that route with concern but also to remember that their experience will not
be yours. When someone tells me about their experience, I listen to the
facts and make sure that they are giving me first-hand information and not
something they heard from someone who heard from someone else. A 40-mile
waterless section requires only a little planning, it is not impossible or
that difficult for a long-distance hiker.

I would also like to challenge those who've made the claim that politics
dictates where agency personnel locate the trails. What does that mean? Give
a factual example! If it's an attempt to get us all to collectively nod our
heads in agreement it's lost on me!


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