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Re: [CDT-L] CDT: Universal Permit

Here's the deal: It took me and Andrew Helliwell over 4 hours to secure a 
permit in Glacier in 98. Noting my experiences, Karen's account in Where the 
Waters Divide, and at least half a dozen other thru-hikers accounts 
regarding their nightmarish experiences; I'd say obtaining an early and late 
season permit in GNP is a problem. I've addressed several issues including: 
fee demo, camp site fees, and the overall permit process with Roger Semler, 
Wilderness Ranger of GNP.

Keep in mind too that GNP "strongly discourages early season attempts of the 
CDT" in their literature. That said I heard from at least one of this years 
thru-hikers who was granted an exception and allowed to camp anywhere he 
wanted under a special permit used for climbing parties. Perhaps this is the 
temporary answer for future thru-hikers in GNP.

Permitting is not so much of a problem in Rocky Mountian National Park. From 
what I've heard they've done everything possible  to prevent the CDT from 
entering the park's boundary. If you follow the previous route from Grand 
Lake you don't need a permit, unless you opt to camp within the Park 
boundary, because the trail enters the park for only a few miles and is 
nowhere near the Divide

In closing I don't think it's the governments place to put a price on 
wilderness. If something isn't done soon it won't be long before toll booths 
are erected along our trails. Seems to me like taxes are paying for less and 
less every year. Anybody care to discuss fee demo?
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