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[CDT-L] Alternative Routes for the CDT


Thanks for your inquiry. I put this little book together for the distance 
hiking community. It retails for $10. You can order them directly from me, 
CDTS, CDTA, or Adventurous Travler Bookstore. FYI: there are limited 
quantities remaining.

Most if not all of last years thru-hikers used my book either for planning 
or during their hike. I have only recieved excelent feedback and comments, 
except from Jim Wolf. My intent was not to step on his toes, but provide 
crucial information that in my oppinion wasn't readily available when I was 
planning my hike or while making route decisions on the trail. Believe me, 
there are a lot of routes and I did my best to reflect all of them.

Anyway here's what a few people have said about it:

Jim Oakley “Big Bear” (AT 93, PCT 96): …it was well written, well researched 
and totally understandable – everything that’s necessary for us hiking 
“brain surgeons”.

Karen Berger (CDT, AT, PCT and Author of Where the Waters Divide: A Walk 
Along America’s Continental Divide and other trail related books): It’s 
sorely needed.

Jim Stoltz “Walkin’ Jim” (over 23,000 miles: AT 74, CTC 74-75, CDT 79, GWT 
81-83, PCT 96 and singer songwriter): Anyone planning a long trek on the CDT 
should give this book a close look.

Bob Julyan (Author of New Mexico’s Wilderness Areas, New Mexico’s 
Continental Divide Trail, and Place Names of New Mexico): Many, many thanks. 
I’ve read it and am pleased with your comments about New Mexico, especially 
what you said about getting away from paved roads. I loved your sentence, “I 
believe walking on pavement day after day destroys the spirit of a person.”

Lynne Whelden (AT, PCT 97, and producer of Five Million Steps, How to Hike 
the Appalachian Trail, How to Hike the Pacific Crest Trail, and How to Hike 
the Continental Divide Trail): …is very helpful. I’m still reading it in 
small bits and pieces. I was especially pleased to see the mileages between 

Jim Wolf (Founder of Continental Divide Trail Society and author of CDTS’ 
guidebooks for the CDT): Its most valuable aspect is the general 

Leslie Scott/Laura Miner (PCT 96, CDT 99): …an immense help. Alternative 
Routes for the CDT is a valuable planning tool and we commend you on your 
efforts to put it together.

Ray Hanson (BLM Outdoor Recreation Planner Wyoming): …a good source of info 
for the trail user.

Roger Carpenter (PCT 96): Don't even think about hiking the CDT without 
first buying this book!

Bill Gurwell: …invaluable in planning and adds much to the enjoyment of the 
experience; I really appreciate you putting together this information.

Mike Elliott “Farmboy” (PCT 96): The CDT is the longest and wildest of the 
National Scenic Trails. Patterson’s book provides all the tools for a 
successful hike and makes the logistics and planning a manageable task.

Richard Hinkle (PCT 96): An encyclopedia for the Continental Divide Trail.

Diane Arnold King (PCT 96): Good work on your book.

W. Jennings “Teutonic Knight”: Thanks for all your efforts in trail 
logistics for the whole backpacking community.

William Emerson (CDT 99): Thank you very much!

Chris Bailey “Tahoma” (AT 95, PCT 98): Great job!

John Emery (AT 94): Your guide sounds like something I can really use.

Marilyn Sosebee (Hiker’s Mother): I want my son to have the best information 
possible. Thanks again, tons and tons!

Henry Weir “Hasil” (AT 95): An essential item in the prospective CDT hiker’s 
equipment list.

Doug Doane “Double D” (AT 95): White Root has put together a must read for 
planning a hike on the CDT.

Margaret Bloomer (CDT 99): It was a constant companion.

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