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Re: [CDT-L] CDT trail???


I knew that Ray Hansen had been out during the past summer putting in posts
here and there around the divide basin. I wasn't sure where he had got to
with signs south of South Pass. We marked a route that followed the mineral
x road out to where the checkerboard ends, then I headed out cross-country
with a compass for a couple miles with posts and post pounder towards Bull
Spring until I came to the first dirt trak. We turned west and followed that
until it intersected with another going north that more or less took us to
Bull Spring. We went beyond Bull Spring to the trak that head almost
directly east until we ran out of posts. We walked around the area and found
the best looking water source to be downstream of where Bull Spring is
marked on the 1:100,000 map, near a fence that crosses perpendicularly to
the creek, well downstream of the rotting cow carcass.

My guess is that you might have taken a dirt trak that went from Bull Spring
directly southeast catching the mineral x road somewhere before the highway,
right?. Apparently the BLM is in some type of negotiation to swap a few
sections along that route so that the marked trail can go in that direction,
much better and more direct than the temporary route I marked. As far as I
know the section that follows the highway north of Rawlins is the official
route for a while. The landowners are against any kind of public access to
the checkerboard area that surrounds the highway. Again, there's talk of
land swaps to consolidate BLM holdings in that area but another generation
may have to go by before any progress can be made. Of course the other
option that the BLM has is to cut the trail accross section corners but that
would tend to upset the landowners I suppose.


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