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Re: [CDT-L] CDT trail???

|  Wyoming probably has 1 or 2 CDT markers in the entire state.


You'll be happy to learn that there are now more than just one or two CDT
markers in the state of Wyoming. I know that there are posts with the CDT
emblem burned into them marking the trail from Battle Pass to somewhere near
the southern Wyoming border. Also, I was out with Ray Hanson from the Lander
BLM in late summer and put up a few dozen carsonite posts and larger CDT
emblems marking the trail from where it leaves the highway north of Rawlins,
WY to just beyond Bull Spring (dead cow spring!). I know Ray was out last
summer in the Great Divide Basin marking the route and planning a big CDT
trailhead sign at South Pass. I've seen only one other marker near Old
Faithful and none anywhere else in the state where I've been.

Mark Dixon

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