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[CDT-L] CDTA & CDTS revisited

First, let me clarify my comments regarding the two separate organizations 
that represent the CDT. In no way was I advocating one organization over the 
other. They are cleary different organizations that perform entirely 
different functions and roles regarding the current status and future of the 
trail. While CDTS has laid the ground work by scouting and proposing routes 
for the CDT since 1978, CDTA has garnered tremendous federal and financial 
support for the completion of the trail through their lobbying efforts. I 
recount meeting several FS rangers in 98 who said they would not be out 
building cairns or scouting the trail if it wasn't for funding granted 
through CDTA.

Unlike the PCTA (they offer advice, suggestions, trail conditions etc. to 
hikers as well as a toll free trail hotline), CDTA is primarily concerned 
with the management and completion of the trail. It's not to say they don't 
care about distance hikers, but they don't feel it's their role and will 
advise you to contact the individual land managers, FS, BLM, etc.. On the 
other hand, Jim Wolf, of CDTS, has hiked the trail and generally spends his 
summers scouting new and old routes. From what I've heard through the trail 
grapevine he gladly offers advice on where to hike, trail conditions, etc.

That said, Ginny I was unaware either organization follows this forum, but I 
gladly invite them to participate. Perhaps it would be best if the seperate 
groups answered Karen's question.

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