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[CDT-L] CDT trail???


Most of the CDT is incomplete. I've heard it's 75% done, but those figures 
aren't reflective of what I experienced in 98. Although there is some trail, 
quite a bit of former trails that were incorporated into the CDT have fallen 
to the wayside. Every year the FS and NPS loose a certain percentage of 
trails because they aren't maintained or traveled. And you wonder: where is 
this fee-demo money going???

In New Mexico there is trail in the Gila, San Pedro Parks, and a few other 
remote places that aren't exactly the most dedireable places to hike. In 
fact a BLM agent I spoke with who is in charge of building trail near the 
Malpais informed me he was instructed to locate the trail away from any 
man-made objects. Unfortunately this includes windmills and stock tanks, the 
only water sources out there. Therefore I doubt they'll ever see much if any 

Colorado is the most complete, but the route incorporates old roads, the CO 
trail, and other previously existing trails including stock driveways. Up 
north is the least complete and down south, in the South San Juans is the 
most complete in terms of trail.

Wyoming probably has 1 or 2 CDT markers in the entire state. There are 
trails through the Wind River Range, Yellowstone, and I hear the new route 
through the Divide Basin has been marked or flagged.

In Idaho and Montana there is a fair amount of trail, but just as much 
trail-less. In certain areas you'll find incredible trail, very similar to 
the PCT, only to discover absolutely no trail upon crossing a district 
boundary. Apparently some FS districts aren't interested, lack funds, or 
have priorites other than the CDT.

My oppinion: the CDT is a route, not a trail. When I think of trail I 
imagine a well worn path like the AT or PCT. Be prepared to get lost and by 
all means bone up on your map and compass skills. Remember, a GPS can break 
or fail and you may have to rely on a compass as backup sometime.

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