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Re: [at-l] Cooking in your tent

In a message dated 8/13/99 11:17:02 AM EDT, phil.heffington@oc.edu writes:

<< Regarding cooking inside a tent.  DON'T
 Reasons: 1.  It's called First, Second, and Third Degree burns!!
 2.  It fills your tent with food smells which tend to get trapped inside.
 We're not going to get into the discussion of whether you should keep food
 inside your tent again, are we?
 3.  Tents don't tend to hold up very well to the slightest contact with
 fire.  Note:  The resulting holes tend to let in critters, creatures, and
 rain, snow, cold, etc., which is the purpose of using a tent in the first

Reason 4. The smells from cooking food will stay with the tent for days. If 
there are any bears around looking for food. Guess who they will come visit. 
They will be hungry, having not found any blueberries or blackberries to eat, 
because WE hikers have eaten all of them.

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