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Re: [at-l] Cooking in your tent

 All the reasons to not cook in your tent (this is three season use mind
you..) give an even better reason why I like my ever trusty poncho...   
Rigged up  right (and it does not take too much time to do that)  it
makes a great shelter for cooking only.    I try (not always
succesful...sometimes Iget lazy and cook in the vestibule.. :D ), to do
the "triangle method"..  This hopefully keeps Mr. Bear from disturbing
your restful slumber...

Shelter, kitchen, and waste area all a bit aways from one another..

                                               /\ TENT

     X cooking area                                                O
where you go pee and poo

And a poncho really makes a quick and dirtry eating area so you do not
get soaked while cooking and eating....

Again, sometimes theory is hard to put into practice when you are tired,
wet, cold, and hungry!   Though, I always make a point of having waste
far away from my tent for some odd reason.. ;-)

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