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Re: [at-l] vermin in the night

I have a story to add here.

1st of all.  I love whippoorwills.  It's my favorite bird call, down here in the
south.  I'd raise them If I could figure out how.

Now.  I was spending the night alone in Mollies ridge shelter in the smokies. It was
winter and stormy.  the shelter was invested with mice.  The dang things were having
olympics on my back all night long.  They kept me up late.  I am a sound sleeper, so
once I get to sleep, those mice don't usually bother me.  Well, I was on the bottom
bunk kinda half in and out of a sound sleep.  I was awakened to the image of this
BIG animal on its hind legs looking at me in the face. Inches from my nose.   After
missing a few heart beats I fell back to sleep justifying it as just one of those
foggy headed dreams.  This happened at least twice that I can remember.  Dawn came,
and the mice left.  I was putting on my boots.   For some reason I decided to shake
them out first.  I use to never do that. Nw I do every time.    Out fell 3-4 walnut
sized turds.  So, what ever it was I dreamed had decided to take a few breaks inside
of my boots.  Had to be a skunk.



Ridgeland, MS

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