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[at-l] Cooking in your tent

I'm going to be totally inconsistent in this message, so don't lecture me
about it when I already know it.

Regarding cooking inside a tent.  DON'T
Reasons: 1.  It's called First, Second, and Third Degree burns!!
2.  It fills your tent with food smells which tend to get trapped inside.
We're not going to get into the discussion of whether you should keep food
inside your tent again, are we?
3.  Tents don't tend to hold up very well to the slightest contact with
fire.  Note:  The resulting holes tend to let in critters, creatures, and
rain, snow, cold, etc., which is the purpose of using a tent in the first

Now for all of you who feel you have to be the exception to the rule.  If
you use a Whisperlite or other stove which requires priming, here is a
suggestion.  Carry a small squeeze bottle of denatured alcohol to use as a
primer to warm up the generator tube gismo thing on the stove.  The amount
used can be controlled better and, besides, it burns cleaner and doesn't
blacken your stove as bad during priming.  It doesn't work as well as
flaming up the old Coleman fuel, but the loss of volatility is part of the
reason for doing it in the first place.

A final word after saying all that.  If you are thinking of cooking in your
tent,   DON'T!!
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