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[at-l] Cicadas and Bumblebees

I expect y'all to think I was just having one more of my 70's styled
flashbacks with this story but I swear on my newly acquired copy of
"Walking with Spring" that it's true.

I had hiked eight very hot miles into the Dupuis Reserve here in south
Florida.  It was June and hot as two hells, which is a bit cooler than
the three hells it is now.  I had drank three of the five quarts of
water I carried for the two days and one night and was worried about it.

I got to the end of the trail and set up camp around one o'clock.  It
was so hot I could hardly stand to move.  I found a shade tree and
plopped down to just rest, gaze and contemplate, all the while the
cicadas were screaming their sixty cycle hum at a hundred db.  Heat
waves made even close objects waver and roll in my thick, salty eyes.  I
had used some 100% deet so the bugs were coming in, then being repelled.
Sort of a "wwwaaaaaAAAAAZZZZZZZZOOOoooooommmmmmm" kinda sound.  From
this nearly Dali like collage of senses, I hear this one cicada really
loud and close.  A second later I hear a loud buzz above my head and
about six feet out.  I look up to see this huge(big as my thumb) black
bumble bee grab a cicada out of the air and both tumble to the ground at
my feet.  They were rolling around in the grass with the bee holding on
tightly.  The cicada was screaming, "Keeeeeeeee! Keeeeeeeee!
Keeeeeeeeee!" while the bumble bee roared his loud low buzz. "WAAAZZZZ,
WAZZZZZ, WAZZZZ"  Around and around they rolled while I watched with
fascination.  I was sure the bumble bee would soon sting the cicada and
kill it but it did not.  After about a full minute, the bee released the
cicada and they both flew off.  I'm guessing the bee had had just about
enough of the noise but at least he didn't pull the cicada's wings off.

btw My spell checker believes "pantless" is not a word and suggests
"panties",  even stranger.


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