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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 3

     What a wonderful way to start one's day -- reading your trip reports. 
     You know, we have all these books written by "pro's" to whom the 
     artful little ways to finesse hiking/housekeeping are second nature, 
     and who, in ignorance of their knowledge, forget to tell us of these 
     little things to speed our day -- or ease it along. The *really cool* 
     thing about reading *your* trip reports is that I get the sense of 
     wonder at seeing deer in the (truly) wild, the joy of sleeping till 
     I'm no longer tired, the satisfaction at establishing an efficient 
     routine in a new environment. These are things that *I* forget about 
     -- too many miles hiked? or too many days "away" from the woods?
     Thanks for the write-up.

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