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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 3

> Dang,  now you got me all distracted thinking about my next one too!  I
> won't be able to make it back to the AT until spring unless I get the
> opportunity to do some winter hiking.
> I've never really been out in the
> cold so it seems unlikely that I'd get the knowledge and the gear in
> time.
Winter hiking in Georgia last winter: 1) on the Coosa Backcountry Trail and
2) on Cumberland Island. Both involved temps in the teens at night, but
sunny 50's during the day. Marvelous hiking weather. A couple of cheap,
lightweight long johns, a shirt, and a sweater + a hat in a 35 degree bag
in a jungle hammock was all I needed to stay warm while sleeping.  Solitude
and views best describes the week-end hikes I enjoyed in Jan and Feb. I'll
try and post my winter hiking schedule so you can join me if you like.

> Therefore I'm going to hike in Ocala National Forest maybe next
> month, although some on the Florida list are talking about how good the
> Swanee River hike is, so who knows. 

Didn't hike that Suwanee River hike, but paddling it last Feb I saw lots of
folks hiking it. Looks like it would be quite enjoyable. But don't think
it'll be warm there in winter. You can get cold days and nights even in
northern Florida. Take a fishing license and line with you. When swimming,
watch for 'gators. Expect wind and rain.

> If it wasn't so bloomin hot, I'd
> just go to the local woods but whew wee! I run from the office to the
> car to the house.

The AT in and around Springer, Long Creek Falls and Three Forks area gives
plenty of access to water. From there you can hike on the BMT into the
Cohuttas. Also, south of Blood Mountain, I'm told, has a lot of creeks. The
Cohutta Wilderness has two river trails, Conasauga and Jack's, which keep
one cool in this weather. The Jack's River Falls affords some fine swimming
and jumping holes.

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