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[at-l] stove design

Okay, campers, I have a bunch of Esbit tabs, but I can't find my stove.
@#$%^! I'm thinking of experimenting with a homegrown stove, but I
thought I could take advantage of the stove-building expertise on the

My billy pot is light and narrow in diameter. A tuna can looks pretty
big (and heavy--ha!) to me. I've been eyeing up a flip-top,
single-serving can of chicken--you know, the real little one. I assume I
use the bottom of the open can as the base of the stove (to hold the
fuel tab). Is it enough for me to take a can opener and poke three or
four holes around the top opening for ventilation? Then can I plop the
fuel tab in and cover the can/stove with my pot?

Thanks for any help. Not interested in burning the tent or the house

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