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Re: [at-l] Beginner's 3-Day Hike - Day 3

Good solution for the filtering problem. Actually, you want to pre-filter 
before the iodine. The iodine needs to burn up bugs, not trash. A bandana 
works very well for this, is reusable, and you get electrolytes back 
(unless you rinse the sweat off first)!

The iodine taste might decrease with the filter as you suggest, as it would 
happily try to bleach the filter. Since you are using VitC containing 
electrolyte additive, that will get rid of the iodine taste rather well. 
The acid and the bleach react on each other.

BTW, I particularly liked your description of the first day hike. You tell 
the excellent story of the tortoise and the hare. The hare scooted off in 
search of water and the shelter. You stopped and sipped and sauntered along 
at a leisurely pace. You both got there before dinner time! I suspect that 
once we get you thoroughly ultra-de-lited, you're going to be a distance 


At 07:04 PM 8/11/1999 -0500, Delita Wright wrote:
>so I tentatively tried my new home-made upside
>down bottle-part/coffee-filter filtering system - and it worked GREAT!  All
>my fellow sheltermates were jealous (I can only assume).  At least they
>were impressed.  Interestingly, the filter seemed not only to hold back the
>*junk* but most of the iodine color and taste, too.  The filtered-water
>looked pretty clean and tasted not bad - and when I added my E-mergen-C
>mineral ascorbates with Vitamin C effervescent powders - wowie.  A drink!

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